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Why do I need to see the dental hygienist?

More teeth are lost (in adults) due to gum disease than tooth decay. During your dental check-up, as well as examining the health of your teeth, your dentist will assess the health of your gums, underlying bones and the standard of your oral hygiene. If the risk of developing gum/bone disease is high, or if you show signs of gum disease or if your dentist feels you need advice on improving your oral hygiene, you will be referred to the dental hygienist. Everybody benefits from this.

Gum disorders affect 15-40 per cent of the population in one form or another. These bacterial infections may be transferred between family members and may be triggered by various factors including smoking, stress and diabetes.

Patients with periodontal disease have a 24% increased risk of Coronary Heart Disease and this is twice as likely to prove ultimately fatal Therefore, it is considered negligent if the dentist does not offer you a hygienist appointment, especially if you have advanced gum disease.

Patients with aggressive periodontitis are also three times more likely to suffer from strokes. New evidence also indicates that gum problems may be implicated in Alzheimer’s disease and men with gum problems won’t only have bad breath but will be seven times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

At Parchment Street Dental  we carefully assess all our clients prior to any type of care for this destructive problem as its early and careful diagnosis is the key to the success of all our treatment options, maintaining healthy teeth and keeping a great lifelong smile.

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