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Well Being

Dental Check Up

Our comprehensive dental check up includes as a minimum

  1. Check your medical details. Many medical conditions and medications can have significant effects on your oral health.
  2. Enquire if you have had any problems with your teeth since your last visit. You know what is ‘normal’ in your mouth, let us know if something doesn’t feel right and we can examine it further.
  3. Check each of your teeth and their individual health and condition. A healthy mouth is linked to good general health and costs less to look after.
  4. Make sure there is no plaque on your teeth. Hard plaque can build up between visits and bacterial plaque is the number one cause of tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss.
  5. Examine the health of your gums. Research shows gum disease may be a risk factor for heart disease. A healthy mouth is a sign of a healthy body.
  6. Ensure the areas underneath, between and inside your teeth are healthy by taking regular X-rays. X-rays can detect root canal infections and other underlying problems and are an essential part of a dentist’s armoury in the diagnosis and treatment of disease at an early stage
  7. Ensure your crowns, bridges and fillings are healthy and stable. Ledges under crown, bridges or fillings can lead to leaking decay. We also check to make sure your restorations are firm and firmly attached to the tooth structures.
  8. Make sure your bite is comfortable, healthy and stable. Unstable bites can lead to headaches, chipping teeth, and eventually lead to problems with eating.
  9. Sensitive teeth check. Many patients suffer from sensitive teeth but this complaint should never be ignored as it can be an early warning sign of more serious dental problems.
  10. Examine the health of your bones and jaw joint. We check your jaw is properly aligned and check for any early signs of serious illness.
  11. Check that your tongue, lips, cheeks, skin and glands are healthy. Your soft tissues are an important part of your check and must never be ignored. Oral cancer is the fourth most common cancer in UK and growing amongst the adult population.
  12. Do you want to upgrade your smile? Tell us if you would like to improve your appearance and we can offer expert advice on cosmetic treatments. From teeth whitening to orthodontic treatment